How to care for the Complete Camp Oven:

  • Can I wash the canvas carry bag? 


  • Can I paint my Complete Camp Oven with anything to stop it rusting?

No, do not under any circumstance paint or have an anti corrosion coating applied to the oven such as galvanised or electroless nickel. These degrade at the temperatures generated by the coals and will taint or poison the food you are cooking – you will get sick. Apply vegetable oil to the surfaces of the camp oven between uses to limit corrosion. I repeat – DO NOT PAINT OR TREAT THE CAMP OVEN WITH ANY COATING BESIDES VEGETABLE OIL.

  • What is your returns policy?

The item cannot be returned if you don’t like it. You have purchased a well engineered and fully functional system that does provide what it claims to provide. If the oven fails to cook whilst used in a reasonable manner and under reasonable conditions, being it is heated correctly and care taken by the user during the cooking process, contact us and we will attempt to resolve/identify the issues to resolve your dissatisfaction.


  • Do you sell used or demonstration oven kits at reduced prices?

No, all ovens sold are new and un-used.

  • Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, search for Dave's Stuff or click here to be redirected. We do encourage all users to please share your positive comments about the Complete Camp Ovens on social media & share images & video of your kit in use. We love to hear about their travels.

  • If I pick up the oven will you demonstrate it working?

The limit of demonstration will be to unpack the bag, assemble the various items, explain the variations and methods of use, then re-assemble the kit inside the bag. It is not possible to set the camp oven up for a live cooking demonstration.

Kit Inclusions:

  • What is the warranty on the Complete Camp Oven?

There is a 12 month materials and manufacturing warranty on the oven. There is no warranty on the ceramic Pizza-stone against breakage from impact, washing when hot or placing of stone into a hot oven when the stone is cold. If the stone cracks, this is your cost. Stones are readily available on the internet or from us, by arrangement.

  • Can I buy specific parts of the Complete Camp Oven?

At this time spare parts are not stocked, however will be in the near future. If you have a warranty issue, the part will be either repaired by us or replaced at our discretion.

  • Is the Complete Camp Oven available in a Stainless Steel version?

At this time it is only available in mild steel. A stainless steel version will be released in the future.

  • Are there instructions supplied with the Complete Camp Oven?

Yes a set of colour instructions are included with the oven. Additionally you can download a PDF copy from the website (coming soon).

  • Is a camp cook book included with the oven?

No, there are numerous books available for sale on the internet.

  • Are smoker chips included with systems?

Yes, a single serve of chips is provided. Additional smoker chips can be purchased elsewhere online. We hope to stock these in the near future for your convenience.

  • What consumables does the Complete Camp Oven use?

If you decide to cook using heatbeads, then you need these. If you decide to cook using the smoker tray, you will need additional wood chips. New wood chips are required each time you use the smoker option.


  • How much does the camp oven set weigh?

The Camp Oven Sets weigh approximately 19kg.

  • Can the oven be delivered by Australia Post?

Yes, however some areas may require courier delivery due to reduced services. Costs for courier services will need to be determined. Fill in the contact form on the contact page with your postal address and we will get back to you with a postage quote.

  • Do you post internationally?

Yes. Fill in the contact form on the contact page with your postal address and we will get back to you with a postage quote.

  • What is the 'standard' cost of postage?

It varies. As a guide, Melbourne to Cairns is approximately $40. Fill in the contact form on the contact page with your postal address and we will get back to you with a postage quote.

  • Do you charge a premium for postage?

No. You will be charged the same as what the Post Office charges, plus the cost of the box it is shipped in.

  • How long will it take for my oven to arrive?

Metro-Metro areas will typically take 5 working days. Regional areas up to 15 working days, depending on distance from Melbourne. International shipping times can vary widely. Allow up to 30 days. Shipping times are controlled by postal services.

  • Can I opt to pick up my Complete Camp Oven instead?

Yes, by arrangement only. Fill in the contact form on the contact page and we will get back to you with a reduced cash price for pick-up in Bayswater.