Dave’s Stuff Complete Camp Ovens

The Complete Camp Oven (CCO) is resultant of an engineer’s determination to not accept mediocrity and provide maximum flexibility, coupled with a product that only needs to be purchased once in a lifetime. Having a genuine long term desire to provide value for your money, the CCO delivers on many facets of this brief. The CCO is heavy duty; it won’t break and let you down, it provides a platform to not limit your cooking choices when away from the domestic kitchen.

The CCO is resultant of a design brief that is not limited by producing to a budget – the owner gets a product that is engineered and having gone through many upgrade cycles and years of field research and development. You can be assured that this oven system has been exhaustively tested to ensure it delivers on all fronts.

The CCO is manufactured in Melbourne, providing a small input to the local employment picture. At this time the only components sourced from overseas are the pizza components – however moves are in motion to produce these locally.

The CCO is not manufactured to generate wealth for the inventor – it is supplied to fill a large gap in the market and provide a solution to a number of issued experienced over time whilst travelling about Australia with the family and friends. The CCO is the result of a genuine desire to provide the best solution for the vehicle based traveller, be they 4wd’ers, Caravanners, casual traveller, off shore boater or houseboat owner. The kit has massive appeal also to large group organisations such as service clubs, scouts, guides, sporting clubs and charities.

13391606_1493004224049838_4125132756993022684_oWhy Dave’s Stuff?

My name’s Phil and I get away, up into the Victorian High Country perhaps 10 times a year, typically with my brother, and  a small group of mates from a range of backgrounds. We like to get into the more difficult areas that are less travelled, however not at the expense of damaging anything or getting hurt. We typically drive in, base camp for a few days and then leave for home. Our times are spent in fairly low key pursuits about camp and are generally a wind down from work.

My brother, Dave, has the annoying trait of knocking off some of my gear every time we go away – doesn’t matter what it is, something goes missing every trip. I lose plates, cups, ropes, pegs, tools, fishing gear, tarps, you name it, I usually return home lighter than when I set off.

Anyway I reached a point where enough was enough so just about everything got a coat of yellow paint to mark it as mine and that more or less stopped the bower bird in his tracks, – until he started taking to everything with a permanent marker and simply writing ‘Dave’s’ on it. I have more gear in my 4wd with his name on it than not.

The shovel, axe, recovery gear, winch, radio, satellite phone, wetsuit shoes, to name a few, even on the numberplate of the 4wd – all plastered with his moniker. This would be funny except for the extent of it, so after he claimed my Complete Camp Oven design; I decided to name the website in his honour.