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The Arthur

This kit is focused on the camp oven cook who does not want the pizza capability. The camp oven cooking pot is large enough to hold a full size chicken plus all the vegetables you would need to feed 6 hungry people.

The Bluey

This kit is pitched at the owner who already has a traditional cast iron camp oven and wants to extend their cooking options with a pizza oven. The versatility offered by this model includes the ability to also bake bread, damper, cakes, pies, biscuits and gently warm/reheat prepared meals without burning.

The Gwendolyn

This kit combines everything contained in The Arthur and The Bluey. This is your Complete Camp Oven. You get the pizza oven, the camp oven, plus the smoker tray and coal basket. With this kit you have the capability to cook a wide varied range of magnificent meals without having to compromise.